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A warm winter scent of cinammon and orange with Christmas spice.


The diffuser bottle is a glass amber apothecary bottle and is accompanied by the  refillable scent. Also included are 8 black reeds.


To help promote more fragrance in the room you will need to turn the reeds every other day. Be careful not to get the oil on painted furniture.


The diffuser should give you up to 12 weeks of fragrance in your home. For very large rooms with high ceilings you might need 2 diffusers in the room.


Size Info:

Plain, Lattice, Ribbed Diffuser 100ml

Medium - the glass apothecary bottle is 250ml and comes with 200ml oil

Large - the glass apothecary bottle is 500ml and comes with 400ml oil

Onion Diffuser - 500ml

Extra Large - the glass apothecary bottle is 1L and comes with 600ml oil

2 Extra Large - the glass apothecary bottle is 2l and comes with 1.4lml oil 

Winter Solstice Diffuser

PriceFrom £30.00
  • Warning

    Flammable liquid.  Do not light reeds. Do not injest. Keep out of reach of children and pets.  People sufffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product.  Use gloves when handling used reeds.  

    Do not place the diffuser directly onto polish, painted, plastic or leather surfaces or on electrical equipment, as accidental spillage may cause damage to certain materials.



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